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page begun Aug. 26, 2001, last updated Dec. 12, 2001 [notes added 1/4/04, 12/13/07].

Note Dec. 2007: I am teaching Hist 133D again in January 2008: New Website.

Note Jan. 2004: during Fall 2002 and Fall 2003 I taught a lower division version of this course, namely Hist 33D: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Holocaust. As far as web design and pedagogy go, that course's web site is more up-to-date (33D website).
In 2004 I also created a separate website for my 133Q seminar (133Q website).

Announcements (old announcements moved to bottom)

  • Tue. 11/27/01: Q5 on Thursday, 11/29. It is open notes and can be prepared in advance. Question:
    What are the two most important topics/lectures you learned in this course, and what two do you consider least important? Write one sentence for each explaining why. (One point each topic.)
  • Tue. 11/27: L15-18 outlines not available yet, but soon! (see Course Materials, below) [never uploaded, sorry]
  • Tue. 11/27: final version of book essay: EVERYONE must staple their corrected draft to the front of their final essay.
  • Tue. 11/27: honors section will discuss the effects of liberation on the postwar society in Germany, based on photocopies from Legacies of Dachau
  • Tue 10/30: book essay final version due date extension: final version will be due Dec. 4, not Nov. 29.
    due date of draft remains the same.
  • This class has a discussion forum. Post--anonymously--questions about lectures or assignments

Headings on this web page (back to top)

History 133Q links (This is the discussion seminar) (back to top)

Course Materials (back to top)

Lecture Outlines (links will be dead until the Friday after lecture) (back to top)

  • L2 National Socialist ideology and its adherents
  • L3 Explanations of the Power Structure of the Third Reich: Intentionalism, Structuralism, Functionalism (1999 Sonderweg handout)
  • L4 Economic vs. Cultural Causes; EIEIO
  • L5 Attaining Power (originally L03)
  • L6 Retaining Power; Kristallnacht
  • L7 A Case Study: Kristallnacht
  • L8 The Path to World War II
  • L9 The Path to the Holocaust
  • L10 Concentration and extermination camps
  • L11 Concentration and extermination camps II (Auschwitz)
  • L12 Visit by survivor Nina Morecki
  • Sunday presentation by Ruth Gruber
  • L13 Eugenics / Euthanasia; the aftermath (Zachor project)
  • L14 Mentalities of the Murderers
  • [from here down are the 1999 handouts]
  • L15 Anne Frank's Story and Its Lessons
  • L16 Non-Jewish Resistance and Rescue
  • L17
  • L18 Personal Reflections on History & Memory (Babi Yar, Nina Morecki's story)
  • L19 Dissolution, Liberation and the Perpetrators
  • L20 Legacies of the Holocaust

Moderated Discussion List (back to top)

There is also a course discussion list to which you can post questions or observations, and receive responses from your classmates and the professor.
  • To post a message, go to the new post screen and type in your message. At present, you can remain anonymous if you want.
    Please use a meaningful short subject header, since it will identify your posting in the archive.
  • Once the forum is up and running, you can also view an archive of posted messages.

Honors Section (back to top)

  • 10/11: Discussion of Kristallnacht based on web search
  • 10/18: Discussion of origins of World War II based on textbook chapter 7
  • 10/25: Discussion of Massaquoi and other survivor texts
  • 11/1: Sorry I had to cancel without notice, but I had to bring Nina Morecki somewhere
  • 11/8: eugenics and euthanasia (look them up on the web!)

Purchasing the Course Books (back to top)

Lists of links, and interesting web sites (back to top)

Some on-line Holocaust/Germany courses (back to top)

Explore some of these on-line courses to see some of the different emphases set by instructors of Holocaust/Nazi Germany courses.

Previous course materials (back to top)

Picking up your work (back to top)

I keep all student work for at least one quarter after the course is over. If you would like to pick up your work, please come to my office. During my office hours, Tue 12:30-1:30, Wed. 11-12, is usually best for me, but if you would like your work left in the envelope outside my door, or to arrange a different pick-up time, send me an e-mail or leave a note.

If you are dissatisfied with your grade:

  • First, please note that I grade YOUR WORK, not you.
  • If you feel that the grade you received on your paper or exam does not correspond to the quality of work that you submitted, you have two options:
    1. Print out, complete, and submit the following Grade Change Application Form, OR:
    2. Write a page (or paragraph, whatever it takes) explaining WHY you think your work is better than the grade assigned to it. Please refer to the blue assignment sheet (for papers), and make sure you did the assignment.
      • Then resubmit the work in question with your explanation, and I will regrade it and get back to you.
      • Be sure to put some contact address on your explanation sheet, so that I can be in touch with you.
      • Note that I reserve the right to lower your grade, if I feel that is warranted by closer examination.

Old Announcements (back to top)

  • Wed., 9/26: Fall 2001 133D syllabus and 133Q syllabus now available
  • book lists (3 books for D, 8 for Q): graphical version with prices; print version with library call numbers
  • Fri, 9/28: see the Massaquoi links, below under 133Q
  • 9/28: Reader, (table of contents), 122pp, available at Copy Services on the 2nd floor of the UCSB library, ca. $13.
  • Sat, 10/6: the honors section will meet Thursdays, 1-1:30pm, in HSSB 4044.
    Topic for 10/11: Kristallnacht (read through some web sites)
  • Tue. 10/9: L03 and L04 links have been fixed (see below)
  • Fri. 10/19: J3+4 due Thursday Oct 25; journal assignment handout, (links page)
  • Tue, 10/23: Q2 (chap. 6, analysis 2 and sources)
  • Mon. 10/22, 7:30pm, Campbell Hall: films Fighter and Daybreak Berlin.
    The directors will be present to answer questions. Synopsis and reviews of Fighter
  • On Sun. Nov. 4, 3pm, Campbell Hall: presentation by Ruth Gruber (more info)
  • Tue 10/30: Book summary due date extended: due next Tue, 11/6!
    also: draft due date stays the same, but the final version will be due Dec. 4, not Nov. 29.
  • Sat 11/3: tonight and tomorrow night on NBC: documentary on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Mon 11/12: office hours Tuesday 11/13 will end at 1pm. Please contact me (e-mail best) if you need to make an appointment, or call me at 968-6703 to consult.
  • Office hours on Tuesday 11/20 will also end at 1pm, sorry
  • Mon. 11/12: L14 outline available (see Course Materials, below)
  • Mon. 11/13: honors section will discuss Maus based on a photocopied essay
  • Sat 11/3: Please write a journal entry on Nina Morecki's visit, and print it out twice (lay the second copy in your journal)
    I will bind these together to send to her. Please be candid--she appreciates this!

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