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Germany, 1900-1945:
Student Review Essays Index Page

Essays written for
UCSB Hist 133B and 133D
Prof. Harold Marcuse

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This page links to 29+36 book essays written by students in Professor Marcuse's Germany, 1900-1945 and Holocaust in German History lecture courses at UC Santa Barbara in 2007 & 2008 (course homepage).

  • For the assignment, see the 2007 133b book essay assignment and web publication guidelines, which were updated for 2008: 133d book essay assignment and web option guidelines.
  • In 2007, students provided a list of topics of interest, and I suggested appropriate books. In 2008, I provided a web page of suitable books, but students had the option of finding their own. Just over half the class chose their books from the list provided.
  • In 2007, 16 of 34 students opted to meet the earlier deadline and do the additional editing and bibliographic work to have their papers published here. Most of the other papers were so good that I offered a "semi-web option:" Anyone with an A or A- on their paper could submit a corrected version with author blurb and abstract (but not necessarily annotated bibliography), and not do the term identifications on the final exam. 13 students chose to do this, so there are 29 essays from that course
    In 2008, essentially all students qualified for the web option (it was the best set of papers I have received to date). A few students qualified after an intermediate set of revisions, or with a grace period, so ultimately 36/37 essays are included below.
    In 2009, 26 of 48 qualified with a B+ or better, and 11 more qualified after revisions, thus 37/48.
  • Finally, see my plagiarism warning, at bottom.

2009 Germany 1900-1945 Book Essays
*note: the essays marked with an *asterik have exemplary annotated linkography/bibliographies
Marc Ramos on
D.Bercuson & H. Herwig,
Destruction of t. Bismarck

(Overlook, 2001)
*Robin Garnham on
Sebastian Haffner,
Failure of a Revolution

(A. Deutsch, 1973)
Jonathan Rosecrance on
John Waller,
Felix Kersten

(John Wiley, 2002)

Brian Thompson on
George Victor,
Hitler: Pathology of Evil

(Brassey's, 1998)

Colin Gerber on
Bevin Alexander,
Hitler Could Have Won WW2

(Random House, 2000)
Michelle Duperrault on
Lothar Machtan,
The Hidden Hitler

(Basic, 2001

*Matt Stegner on
Omer Bartov,
Hitler's Army

(Oxford UP, 1991)

Syna Saberi on
Guy Sajer,
Forgotten Soldier

(Potomac, 1967/2000)
Jonathan Kraetsch on
Guy Sajer,
Forgotten Soldier

(Potomac, 1967/2000)
Ideology and
Mass Murder
Brendan Daly on
Christopher Hutton,
Race & the Third Reich

(Polity, 2005)
Adam Wenger on
Michael Burleigh,
Death and Deliverance

(Cambridge UP, 1991)
*Andrew McIntyre on
Michael Kater,
Musicians & Third Reich

(Oxford UP, 1997)
Alberto Amarante on
Jeffrey Herf,
The Jewish Enemy

(Harvard, 2006)
*Whitney James on
David Welch,
Propaganda+German Cinema

(I.B. Tauris, 2001)
David Rabie on
David Welch,
Politics and Propaganda

(Routledge, 1993/2002)
German Citizens
**Sam Hedgepeth on
David Bankier,
Germans & Final Solution

(Blackwell, 1996)
Eric Schanubelt on
Robert Gellately,
Backing Hitler

(Oxford UP, 2002)

Dan Schneiderman on
Robert Gellately,
Backing Hitler

(Oxford UP, 2002)

& Perpetrators
Karen Snider on
Milton Mayer,
They Thought They Were

(U. Chicago, 1955/1966)
*Rebecca Eckert-Fong on
D. Bergen, Twisted Cross &
G. Lewy, Catholic Church

(UNC 1996; McG.-Hill 1964)

*Jessica Kasper on
David Cesarani,
Becoming Eichmann

(Da Capo, 2006)

German Resistance
(& lack thereof)
Lance Kosher on
Mary Gallin,
German Resistance

(Catholic Univ., 1955)
Sharon Haber on
Roger Moorhouse,
Killing Hitler: The Plots

(Bantam, 2007)

Corey Teague on
Daniel Goldhagen,
Hitler's Willing Executioners

(Vintage, 1996)

Jewish Survival
and Resistance
*Kristen Dimperio on
Richard Rashke,
Escape from Sobibor

(Univ. Illinois, 1982)
*Karen Kopel on
Nechama Tec,
Defiance: Bielski Partisans

(Oxford UP, 1993)

Julie MacMichael on
Nechama Tec,
Defiance: Bielski Partisans

(Oxford UP, 1993))

*Lauren Foehr on
David Crowe,
Oskar Schindler

Westview, 2004)
Christine Fong on
Samuel Kassow,
Archive from Warsaw Ghetto

(Indiana UP, 2007)
Jake Steward on
Viktor Frankl,
Man's Search for Meaning

(Beacon, 2006)

Joseph Sarafian on
Miklos Nyiszli,
Doctor's Eyewitness Account


*Michelle Luteman on
C.Rittner & John Roth (eds.),
Women and the Holocaust

(Paragon House, 1993)
Jenna Leonard on
Irene Opdyke,
Memories of Holo. Rescuer

(Random House, 1999)

Darcy Alcantara on
Matthew Stibbe,
Women in the Third Reich

(Arnold, 2001)

Kristin Van Ramshorst on
A Woman in Berlin

(Secker & Warburg, 1955)
Kelsey Tinkham on
Ann Kirschner,
Sala's Gift: My Mother's ...

(Free Press, 2006)

*Sarah Branstetter on
Peter Sichrovsky.
Born Guilty: Children

(Basic, 1988)

2008 Holocaust Book Essays (template)
*note: the seven essays marked with an asterik have exemplary annotated linkography/bibliographies
Kristen Dimperio on
Ian Kershaw,
Hitler, 1889-1936

(W.W. Norton, 1998)
*Adan Saucedo on
Richard Mandell,
The Nazi Olympics

(MacMillan, 1971)
*Arutyun Pogosyn on
Traudl Junge,
Hitler's Final Hour

(Arcade, 2004)

Joseph Kellener on
David Cesarani,
Adolf Eichmann

(DaCapo, 2006)

Tiffany Polfer on
Gerald Posener,
Josef Mengele

(McGraw-Hill, 1986)
Joshua Karpen on
Christopher Browning,
Ordinary Men

(Harper Collins, 1992)
Ideology and
Mass Murder
Hamza Minhas on
Jonathan Weiss,
Ideology of Death

(Ivan Dee, 1996)
Taylor Mitchell on
Benno Müller-Hill,
Murderous Science

(Cold Spring Harbor, 1997)
*Mackenzie Weinger on
Omer Bartov,
Hitler's Army

(Oxford UP, 1991)
Hitler Youth &
Alex Sanchez on
Michael Kater,
Hitler Youth

(Harvard, 2004)
*Jared Keller on
Alfons Heck,
A Child of Hitler

(Renaissance House, 1985)
*Sasha Romanowsky on
Nicholas Stargardt,
Children's Lives under Nazis

(Random House, 2005)
Mengele's Twins
& Children's
Joanna Beattie on
Lagnado and Dekel,
Children of the Flames

(Penguin, 1992)
Rachel Malin on
Lagnado and Dekel,
Children of the Flames

(Penguin, 1992)

Tiffany Lasister on
Alexandra Zapruder,
Diaries of the Holocaust

(Yale, 2001)

Melanie Parker on
Ellen Land-Weber
Stories of Holcaust Rescue

(Univ. of Illinois, 2000)
Amanda Cable on
Diane Ackermann,
The Zookeeper's Wife

(Norton, 2007)

Anonymous on
Diane Ackermann,
The Zookeeper's Wife

(Norton, 2007)

Ghetto Uprising
& Resistance
Dan Schneiderman on
Simcha Rotem,
Memoirs of Ghetto Fighter

(Yale, 1994)
Justin Dougherty on
Simcha Rotem,
Memoirs of a Ghetto Fighter

(Yale, 1994)

Barbara Thomas on
Paul Bonart,
But We Said No

Mark Backman, 2007)

Eugen Kogon
on Conc. Camps
Victor Fernandez-Murillo on
Eugen Kogon,
Theory & Practice of Hell

(F, S & Giroux, 1951/2006)
Christina Hawkins on
Eugen Kogon,
Theory & Practice of Hell

(F, S & Giroux, 1951/2006)

Rachel Peña on
Eugen Kogon,
Theory & Practice of Hell

(F, S & Giroux, 1951/2006)

Adam Rapaport on
Laurence Rees,
Auschwitz: A New History

(Public Affairs, 2005)
*Kelly Cefalu on
Primo Levi,
Survival in Auschwitz

(Touchstone, [1946] 1993)

Lauren Chase on
Lucie Adelsberger,
Doctor in Auschwitz


Intermarriage &
Kevin Markor on
Edith Hahn Beer,
The Nazi Officer's Wife

(Harper, 2004)
Jaimie Thomas on
Martin Doerry,
The Life of Lilli Jahn

(Bloomsbury, 2004)

Amber Benavides on
George Berkley,
Hitler's Gift: Theresienstadt

(Branden, 2002)

Joshua Morris on
Charles Higham,
American Swastika

(Doubleday, 1985)
Jonathan O'Connell on
Niel Baldwin,
Henry Ford and the Jews

(Public Affairs, 2001)

Matthew Neal on
Edwin Black,
IBM and the Holocaust

(Crown, 2001)

Brenden Feingerts on
Greene & Kumar,
Witness: Voices from ...

(Free Press, 2000)
Brandon Sube on
Caroline Elkins,
Britain's Gulag in Kenya

(Holt, 2005)

*Erin McGrath on
Janina Struk.
Photographing the Holocaust

(I.B. Tauris, 2004)

2007 Germany 1900-1945 Book Essays (template)
Daina Tilton on
Lora Wildenthal,
Women & Empire

(UC Press, 2002)
Julia Jankowski on
Dwork & Van Pelt,
Auschwitz, 1270-present

(Yale, 1997)
Andrew Alire on
William Sheridan Allen,
Nazi Seizure of Power

(Chicago, 1965)
Culture and Propaganda

Andrew Milman on
Peter Adam,
Art in the Third Reich

(Harry Abrams,1992)

Jonathan O'Connell on
Christopher Hilton,
Hitler's Olympics

(London, 2006)
Justin Franklin on
David Welch,
Cinema in Nazi Germany

(Oxford UP, 1983)
Nazi Society
Emily Pelling on
Marlies Steinert,
Hitler's War & Germans

(Ohio UP, 1977)
Sean Kim on
Robert Gellately,
Backing Hitler: Consent ...

(Oxford UP, 2001)
Jessica Wong on
Robert Gellately,
Gestapo & German Society

(Cornell, 1992)
Nazi Foreign Policy
Christopher Young on
Geoffrey Megargee,
Inside Hitler's High Cmd

(Kansas, 2000)
Patrick Osborne on
Hugh Ragsdale,
The Soviets & Munich Crisis

(Cambridge UP, 2004)
Ryan May on
Peter Neville,
Hitler & Appeasement

(London, 2006)
More Foreign Policy
Tracy Kavanaugh on
Zachary Shore,
What Hitler Knew

(Oxford UP, 2003)
Matthew Neal on
David Murphy,
What Stalin Knew

(Yale, 2005)

Independent Proseminar
Research Paper:

Domestic Politics
Karina Lallande on
Bruggemeir, Cioc, Zeller,
How Green were Nazis?

(Ohio UP, 2005)
Ismael Ulloa on
Guenther Lewy,
Catholic Church & Nazi Germ
(New York, 1964)

Aubrey Boag on
Jewish Emigration from Germany, 1933-1941


Hitler & Himmler
Sheyla Molho on
Lothar Machtan,
Hidden Hitler

(New York, 2001)
Samantha Murrell on
Lothar Machtan,
Hidden Hitler

(New York, 2001)

Heather Quinn on
Bradley F. Smith,
Heinrich Himmler

(Stanford, 1971)

Persecuted Groups
& Rescuers
Valeria Golodnitska on
Richard Plant,
Gay Holocaust

Josh Hadley on
Wlodzimierz Borodziej,
Warsaw City Uprising, 1944

(Wisconsin, 2005)

Erin Eve on
Eva Fogelman,
Conscience and Courage

(Doubleday, 1994)

The Holocaust
Alivia Birdwell on
Niklos Nyiszli,
Doctor in Auschwitz

(1960; 1993)
Rio Villasenor on
Richard Rashke,
Escape from Sobibor

(Illinois, 1982)

Judith Felz on
Götz Aly et al,
Cleansing the Fatherland

(Johns Hopkins,1994)

After Nazism
Kristina Plumley on
Melita Maschmann,
Account Rendered

(London, 1964)
Joseph Cole on
Gavriel Rosenfeld,
World Hitler Never Made

(Cambridge, 2005)

Loni Russell on
Peter Sichrovsky.
Born Guilty

(Basic, 1988)

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Any student tempted to use one of these papers for an assignment in another course or school should be aware of the serious consequences for plagiarism. Here is what I write in my syllabi:

Plagiarism—presenting someone else's work as your own, or deliberately failing to credit or attribute the work of others on whom you draw (including materials found on the web)—is a serious academic offense, punishable by dismissal from the university. It hurts the one who commits it most of all, by cheating them out of an education. I report offenses to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

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